AWAQ PAQOCHA is a community project that recovers and renews the alpaca tradition of the Peruvian Andres, creating a sustainable economic system for indigenous women housewives with limited resources. In the same way, the artisan workmanship is maintained and the ecology is preserved.


We are a community company that we strive every day to provide job opportunities to women spinners and weavers in the High-Andean area located at more than 4000 m.a.s.l. We apply quality standards in the production of alpaca fiber and we elaborate typical designs that have been recognized by our clients nationally and internationally.


We are a textile company that develops the entire Alpaca production chain, we take advantage of the superior quality fiber of the alpacas through the spinning and weaving of handmade textile products. We offer high quality, innovative and timeless products, we expand product traceability, working together with Quecha artisans, offering a source of employment and thus improving the quality of life of communities by exposing our cultural tradition and promoting endogenous, human and sustainable development.


To be a leading community group in the textile industry, maintaining the tradition of alpaca. We especially want to be recognized in the sustainable use of alpaca wool and the development of luxurious, handmade and high quality wool, clothing and accessories in the Peruvian and international markets.