Our World

Awaq Paqocha recovers and revives the alpaca tradition, thus providing sustainable work to artisan women from the High Peruvian Andes, women who carry the art of weaving in their genes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

We offer high quality products with innovative and timeless designs, we apply product traceability, working on together with Quechua artisans, offering a source of employment and thus improving the quality of life of the communities by exposing our cultural tradition and promoting endogenous, humane and sustainable development.



We are a textile company that develops the entire production chain of alpacas, we take advantage of the superior quality fiber of alpacas, through the spinning and weaving of textile products made by hand.



To be a leading community group in the textile industry, maintaining the alpaca tradition. We especially want to be recognized by the sustainable use of alpaca wool and in the development of clothing and luxury accessories, handmade and of high quality in the Peruvian market and internationally.